So what are LAMDA exams?

 LAMDA stands for the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, and is a world leading drama school and examinations provider. The exams are split into Communication Exams, Performance Exams, Musical Theatre Exams and Shakespeare Exams.

Communication Exams

The communication exams are split into three separate disciplines:

Speaking Verse and Prose; Speaking in Public; Reading for Performance

I love each of these examinations as they are for everyone, you don’t need to be a performer or want to be a performer to benefit - you simply need to speak to enjoy and develop. The skills learned benefit you in professional and personal life. 

Performance Exams

The performance exams are split into the following disciplines:

Acting; Devising Drama; Mime*

These are the exams that are ideal for anyone passionate to perform. That said, even if you’re not passionate about performing, these exams can provide an outlet for self expression and encourage play to build confidence in even the most self conscious learner. With a focus on text and developing understanding of what is behind the text., 

* I don't teach mime

Shakespeare Exams

Shakespeare exams are one of the newer offers from LAMDA.

These exams are for anyone who wants to immerse themselves into the works of William Shakespeare, or learners who are struggling with Shakespeare as part of their school studies. Learners will focus on words and language to create real characters and bring the text to life, getting beyond iambic pentameter and the ‘funny’ language to find truth.

Musical Theatre Exams

Musical Theatre exams are such a joy to do.

The best musical theatre performances are the ones that are delivered by real storytellers and this is what the LAMDA exams focus on; acting through song. We are looking for the same level of character development and creation as we would in an acting exam, the simple difference being that a large proportion of the performance is sung. In addition to the focus on performance, learners will delve into the history of musical theatre, and research the work or influence of the composer and lyricists.

I also teach the LCM, Trinity and ABRSM syllabus for singers. 

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